Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Been a long time since I last blogged. Had limited time. Anyway, time for updates... I saw this huge robot in a local shop early 2013. Despite the seemingly battle scarred condition it was in something in it intrigued me.
The face was kinda familiar so i picked it up anyway. Further research when i got home...it is a Diaclone Fortress X robot by Takara. Oh well, he must have really suffered a lot during the robot wars...the facial armor is barely there,
chest armor also gone exposing the command center,
Time for clean up.
After cleaning...
One thing i noticed about this bot is that it is a cross between 1960s and 1980s robots. It has litograped tin parts like tin toy robots but with the structure of 1980s robots.


I noticed that it is blocky as Metroplex. Size wise i think it is the same size or even bigger than Scorponok. The arms reminded me of the control pod on Optimus Prime's trailer.
I still managed to transform it to base mode despite what's left of it.

Still ready for war...?
I'm also into tin robots, so this one really fits into my collection. What better way, tin and transformers in one. No restorations just cleaning for me. I like to keep my bots just the way i found them.

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