Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toy Catch March 27, 2011 - GI Joe Terrordrome

Just when i resigned to collecting vintage gi joe figures only due to lack of storage space a TERRORDROME was offered to me. At first i had doubts, this is too good to be true to be available locally unless it was acquired internationally and the seller will probably sell it to me at a price as huge as the playset itself.

Well, it was offered at a good price but I had to see it to believe. AND I SAW IT...And up to now i still can't believe i have one. I fell in love with it at first sight. I never thought it was this huge. All my reservations were replaced by awe. In my childhood only the very rich ones can afford this. Now I'm fortunate enough after almost 30 years to acquire one. This is one giant playset. I've had the joe vehicles back then but nothing made me struck like this (well, i have to see the USS Flagg after this).

Presenting....from the ashes literally...

Time for major cleanup...This makes a good project.

Now I'm back to my problem...where do I put this? LOL

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swoopmaster said...

awesome i love that and i never had that buddy, if you have a problem where to put that you could always give it to me ahahahaa