Monday, May 2, 2011

Small Toy Stuff From the 80s

Here are some almost forgotten pieces of my 80s childhood. They were cheap but each time i get to see one those it pleases me the same way robots or gi joes do. And up until now it's the same thing. Sometimes these were free at the bottom of powdered drinks or snacks like ovaltine (i remember the construction trucks), milo, TANG (Ziggy figures you put on top of your pencil), Chikadees (i recall gi joe stick-ons), Cheezums,...Almost impossible to find them nowadays.

I also recall those motorbikes and helicopters in which you slide a plastic trigger to make them run. Very vague now but if i get to find those i'll be posting pictures as well.

Then there are those small cars which you insert some sort of key and eject them. Like these...

And then there are those freebies from fastfood chains like Tropical Hut. Do you remember these?

This plane comes connects with other planes to form a bigger plane. Now only one survives...hehe

From Ovaltine...the constructicons...err construction trucks

Ah sweet small stuff! I hope some of yours survived as well.

My thanks to Nath and Dennis for extending me a couple of these survivors!


eraserheads collector said...

kumpleto ako nito dati...Hope naitago pa ng nanay ko ito kasama ng mga ibang childhood items ko...hope meron lumabas sa sulit or ebay para may mabili...

Alvin Bartolome said...


I want to have the toys presented in image number six,

naalala ko pa dati bumili kami ng 2 jars of ovaltine, isa lang sa jar ang may laman, away kami ng kapatid ko.

Thank you for sharing, I miss the old days.

ViNBUEN said...

Omg!nostalgia right here! I miss these toys! Thanks for posting these!