Friday, September 9, 2011

Hasbro 1984 Catalog....Transformers was born

I had a chance to glance thru Hasbro's 1984 catalog this weekend.

I was fortunate that this was passed on to me. It was fun going thru the pages. Brings back the good old days of my youth.

Hasbro's 1984 line up for boys and girls.

Fast forward to my favorite lines... GI Joe and Transformers.

For GI Joe. Excellent cover

GI Joe line up for 1984

A word for potential distributors.

and for the Transformers first year

I must say beautiful artwork. The art most Transformers fans grew up with.

I noticed that the artwork did not contain any autobot or decepticon insignia. Maybe still going thru that transition stage.

What they had to say to market the Transformers product. Well, it was a success. And they say the rest is history.

Autobot Cars and Minibots

Optimus still had the Diaclone sticker on him and the trailer they used was the one that had a pegless roller. I wonder if they really released such.

And onward to bluestreak. I see that his hood is black.

Sunstreaker on the other hand still had red missiles and sides.

This is a milestone year for Hasbro. You may not have toys anymore but these catalogs keep everything alive.

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