Monday, October 17, 2011

X-Men Silver Age

And i never thought i would have them.

Eversince i was a kid i was am X-Men comics fan. I still remember getting my back issues of comics at the Manila Bank Arcade in Greenhills for issues below number 100. And back issues were really expensive back then.

I stopped collecting during the 90s. That was the time when there were too many titles and i felt that comic books were concentrating more on profits by issues variants. After all these years i never thought comic prices would drop. Thanks to electronic media they are now within reach - still expensive but not as before.

Which now comes to my recent catches. Presenting...the x-men...

Well they are not really in mint condition but I'm still a fan of 60s artwork.

Everything was simple back then.

The closest I can get to issue number 1 haha

I got these from a local collector. Thanks buddy. I'll take care of these. I would have loved to get the other issues but i have to settle for these to keep my spending in check and of course to keep the thrill alive hahaha. A great throwback to those glorious years of comics.

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